- Alhamdulillah, Bait-ul-Quran is a renowned publishing enterprise of Pakistan. Publication of Holy Quran and spreading it throughout the world, is itís salient objectives. By the grace of Allah (SWT), we had published more than 150 products of diversified nature in a short span of time. We are also introducing new and featured products with a constant pace. We strongly need your valued suggestions in order to fulfill the emerging needs of the seekers. May Allah (SWT) accept our efforts, making them beneficial for this world and the hereafter. Ameen.
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Bait ul Quran also deals in various accessories other than Holy quran and islamic books. They are:

  • DIGITAL WORLD : We are engaged in the distribution of a range of digital items like, Digital Qurans, Digital Dictionaries, Digital Diaries, counters, e.t.c

  • ISLAMIC PORTFOLIO : We generally covers the complete variety of islamic products including Rahals, Juzdans (covers), pouches,Islamic gift materials, tasbeehs, caps, Desks, tughras e.t.c    

  • ANTIQUE MAKHTOOTAS : We also deals in the handwritten manuscripts of Holy Quran or other islamic books in Arabic, persian, languages, having different khatuts written a hundred of years ago having tremendous art work of gold, silver, yaqoot, marjans e.t.c This antique collection proves to be a unique blend in our supply line.

  • CDS DVS SOFTWARES : A wide range of islamic cds dvds audios, videos, discourses e.t.c is also being added to our supply line in order to fulfill the ever growing needs of our valued customers.